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Hola! I’m Ceri (Winston’s new bff).

Besides being a lover of food, shoes and all things pink, I also love organising everything from my handbag to the dinnerware in the cupboard (oops!). I was taught that every item should have a home so you will always know where to find it when you need it.

Much like scouts, I am always prepared. In my bag you will find everything you could possibly need from a portable charger to a mini first aid kit. Anyone close to me can tell you that if you need something, I’ve probably got it in my bag. Years of dancing has shaped me and how I function daily which makes me great in about any situation.

How did I get here you ask? Well, one day I decided I needed to make a plan to achieve my dreams and start making my goals a reality, so I set out on a hunt to see if any event planners existed near Bath and if it was possible to work with them, et voila! Here I am living a reality I could only imagine a few months ago. The best part of working here so far is being able to spend hours upon hours on Pinterest looking at all things wedding and taking little breaks to pet Winston (by order of the boss himself!).

I never thought of being an international wedding planning before coming here, though I’ve always wanted a job which allowed me to travel the world and experience various cultures (and their food!). So to see that this is all possible just means all my dreams can come true! Most people dislike airports but to me being in the airport, not rushing about but simply taking in the entire atmosphere, is the best bit. Exploring a new place for the first time, especially when you know that you have google maps by your side, is an amazing adventure and I hope I never run out of places to go.

A Little More About Me

  • I am the clumsiest dancer you’ll ever meet.
  • If I could be anything at all I would be a mermaid.
  • Potentially the only person to enjoy washing up dishes.
  • I’ve completed my RAD ballet exams up to Intermediate
  • I really want to be multilingual – Spanish is at the top of my list
  • Coldplay is right for any situation
  • I love Game of Thrones (the tv series and the books!)
  • Starbucks is great – vanilla latte anyone?
  • I am a rare combination of beauty with brains (total geek really)
  • I am terrified of anyone hearing me sing – I’m working on it though

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